How I Got Into Chain Saw Carving

It all started when I meet Nicky. She started carving around 2011, working from the side of the road, carving Mushrooms and then moving on to a few garden shows. 

When we met she started to show me how to use the chain saw to carve mushrooms from some of the logs I was using for fire wood.  I took to using the chainsaw for carving straight away and really enjoyed it.

Once I got going, I was soon carving mushrooms.  Not long after this we were asked if we could carve about 30 mushrooms for a local Music Festival.  These were to be used in the kids area for seats, and were then auctioned off at the end of the Festival.  The money raised went to the Charities that the Festival was raising money for.

Nicky and I went to one of the heats of the European Chain Saw Championships and there we saw some amazing Sculptures all done with my new favourite carving tool, yes - the Chain Saw.

I got to talk to a few of the British Team; they were very helpful and willing to give some good tips on how to move on from Mushrooms.  So I was back on the chain saw as soon as I could with my head full of all the tips that I had gained. It was not long after this I started getting bored only carving mushrooms and started trying to think of other things that could be carved with a chain saw.  Yes, as you might have guessed there were a few things that ended up going back into the wood pile as fire wood!

I started with a block of wood about 18” wide by about 28” tall. I had already decided I was going to carve an owl from this block.
Right, here we go! First few cuts and I was off, remembering all the things that I had been told when I created what I considered to be my first sculpture. Now I am just looking to carve bigger and more creative carvings!